Oh, I’m not really going to talk about the Music City Triathlon, but it’s a damn catchy title . . . especially since the race drew tons of people and . . . happened today.

I’m kidding!  I have a few things to say about it.

One, it was HOT!  Two, it was WINDY.  And . . . three, I doubt I could have done it today.

But, I went down to watch, which was kinda great because I was hanging out with Nashville Running Company (NRC) Kingpin, Lee Vip.  He’s really kind of a big deal, but he has no problem handing out water or wet rags.   And today showed his aid-station-generosity isn’t limited to “running only” events, which is quite the badge of character.

If it were up to me, I would consider giving NRC naming rights for the Music City Triathlon.  The NRC-MCT has a nice ring to it.


I spectated last year, too, because I was training for Wisconsin, but once I got down to watch I was seriously bummin’ I didn’t do the race.  In fact, I think there is some video footage of me crying because I was going for a 3 hour ride instead of doing a well organized and fun triathlon about 10 minutes from my house.  Actually, that crying footage may be from today . . . and when I missed Hot Chicken Fest.

Lots of crying video . . . and I have made no attempts to hide this part of me.  In fact, I even disclosed that “I am sensitive” in my blogging application to USAT, which was promptly rejected, and now I’m starting to wonder if this could have been the reason for my stonewalling.

I guess you have to be tough to be a USAT athlete, or even their blogger?  I don’t think owning my sensitive side means I’m not tough.  Quite the opposite, really, but in retrospect, maybe I should have used “compassionate.”

Either way, I don’t think you can fully dismiss someone as your blogger just because they declare their sensitivity.  Can you?

I mean, there are entire training courses dedicated to this issue.  If nothing else, USAT was putting money in the bank by protecting the need for blogger sensitivity training in the future.

So, back to the NRC-MCT.

There was serious pain on that course, and obviously I was reaching out to comfort many of the athletes.  Normally a little breeze is a good thing when it’s hot, but it was knock-you-over windy.  And I was literally overheating just watching Lee Vip dish out fluids.

It was a big day down on the Cumberland and I loved the new Transition set up right on Nashville’s most famous intersection.  I also heard the Olympic swim was about 200 meters long, and on a sweltering day like today, I think I speak for the organizers of the NRC-MCT when I say, “You’re welcome.”


Next time you go into NRC, tell them Crushing Iron sent you.

Here’s how my three hour ride went.  [follow_me]




The Music City Triathlon