I have been trying to make inroads with USAT for quite a while, and now it looks like I’ll have to go to Omaha to crack their shell.  I think they’re still stonewalling me for this unfortunate incident, but it could be a number of things.  They did later try to make amends, but our relationship has been rocky to say the least.

I really wanted to go to USAT Nationals in Milwaukee this year because my brother lives about 2 blocks from the race (and I’m from Wisconsin), but evidently 13th place at Ironman 70.3 Muncie didn’t cut it.  According to the Ironman results I was 13th out of 133 in my age group, which meets their Top 10 percent requirement, but USAT argued only 107 “finished” so that pushed me out.

Two weeks ago I gave it one last go, but got 3rd out of 19 in my age group at Music City Triathlon.  Tough break, Mike!

We’ve had a tough beginning, but life has a way of turning healing wounds and turning your nemesis into a best friend.  That’s why I’m already banking on a USAT/Crushing Iron summit at Sullivan’s Steakhouse next August in Omaha.


USAT Nationals Moves To . . .