One of my biggest concerns about Ironman Wisconsin training is getting my ass out of bed.  I am “Notorious BIG” for sleeping in.  I would rather workout at 10 pm than than get up at 5 to jump in anything but another bed.  I wonder if Ironman would entertain moving back their start time?

Adding to this pressure is the fact that everyone in the “Fab Five” goes to bed at like 8:00.  Well, maybe not Kevin, but regardless, they like their mornings.

Maybe I need to change my perspective on what I’m waking up for.

Like most kids, I sprung from the sheets on Christmas morning.  I couldn’t wait to see what Grandma T. pulled out of her arsenal.  She was “Notorious BIG” for going ape shit with presents.  Me and my brother would literally have to go to her house and help load the van on Christmas morning.  Her breezeway overflowed with gratitude.

“Hey, Grandma, who is Joey?  Does this present go in the van?”

“Oh, no. Joey is the son of a woman I know through Alter Guild at church.”

“What about Constance?”

“Oh, she’s the third cousin of Bill, who drives trucks for the County.”


“City Manager.”


Yeah, it seemed like she bought presents for everyone our hometown.  Likely the most giving person I’ve ever known.

So, you’re probably saying, “Why didn’t some of your Grandma rub off on you??”

Well, maybe it’s about damn time!

How do I translate Grandma’s legendary giving skills into my morning workout?

For one, drop the ego and make this about something else.  It has to be about a higher calling.  Yeah, like my training team, the Fab Five!

If I’m not there for an early workout, they will surely be sad and feel like something is missing.  I would hate to detract from their workout because I was up late cleaning my kitchen or surfing the net for anything that would distract me from going to sleep.

And I could start each morning with a gift!

As the owner of a video company, Mark would surely find joy in some of the old electronic cords I have lying around the garage.

Ohh… and Daniel would love some of my old clothes to use as crazy costumes for future races.  I have a great shiny red cape that would fit his super hero mold like a glove.

Jim likes trinkets and candles and stuff, which is good news because my junk drawer is loaded with mystery items that would brighten up his day.

Coach Robbie is big time on craft water and I have some serious connections, not to mention several spigots.

And for Kevin, there is at least a week’s worth of “older” beer tucked away in the bottom corners of my fridge.  He’s not picky!

Yeah, I like it.  Let the gift DRIVE ME!  I’m sure Grandma got a much bigger rush out of giving than receiving.  And what’s a guy that has everything like me need with half the stuff that’s cluttering my place?  Simplicity rules and I’m nearly ready for bed.

When Will I Ever Wake Up?



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2 thoughts on “When Will I Ever Wake Up?

  • December 12, 2012 at 2:35 am

    I’ve learned to get used to morning workouts. I’d rather get them done and over with so it’s not on my mind for me to dread all day. There’s also nothing exciting going on in the morning. With my workouts done early I’m free to hang out with friends if something more exciting than a workout comes up at night; I’m not forced to choose between hanging out with friends or doing my workouts.

    • December 12, 2012 at 4:20 pm

      I have always known this makes perfect sense, but I’m illogical much of the time. I’m sure group pressure will help immensely and they are not adverse to knocking on my bedroom window!

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